How to stop your menstrual period?

So How to make your period stop?

how to make your period stop

You may want to stop your period because it is your birthday the following day, you have planned a special night with your boyfriend or husband or for any other special occasion. It becomes very difficult to enjoy yourself because you are bleeding and experiencing a lot of cramps. To stop your period for a day or for some hours you can use the following methods:

Take Ibuprofen. Take an Ibuprofen four times a day on a full stomach and your periods will disappear and enjoy a very relaxed day. Make sure to stick on the dosage for a day but do not take the medicine on daily basis. It is also important to consult a doctor before taking too much of ibuprofen to stop your periods. By the way, Ibuprofen is a great medication for curing constipation

How to make your period stop by Natural ways. This will not completely stop the flow, but it will make it lighter. Drink a lot water, this helps flush things out of the body faster and also lightens the periods. A cold shower contracts the muscles hence stopping the flow for some time. Drink several glasses of juice. Exercise, this makes the flow faster hence it will take a shorter period of time to dry. Take a lot of fruits to increase the number of vitamins in your body. Green beans are also known to lighten your periods and can even stop in some women.

Drink gelatin. Gelatin stops your period for some hours. Mix a packet of gelatin with water and take it very quickly. This will stop your periods for a period of about three hours.

Drink vinegar. Add two spoonful of vinegar in a glass of water. Take it three times a day when you on period for better results. It may not necessarily stop the period fully but it will slow the flow. This may have the opposite effect and make
your period come earlier…

How to make your perios stop by consuming Alcohol. Alcohol stops your periods for a number of hours. However, it is a limited method or not reliable because not everybody takes alcohol and also you cannot take alcohol every other time you want to stop your periods.

Hide it. Use menstrual cups to hide your periods if you want to engage in sex or go swimming. The cups are fixed just above the cervix and catches any liquid preventing it from escaping. Tampons can also be used to absorb blood. A cup or tampon can stay up to twelve hours hence performing the purpose efficiently for that period.

Lemon. A tip mostly from aged people but do not ignore it, it works. Suck a piece of lemon and you will witness your period stopping for some time.

Use birth control. Skip the placebo pill and continue with the normal pills. This will enable you skip your periods. In case of unpleasant effects consult your doctor.

How to make your period stop  permanently. Visit your doctor and get advice if you want to go for a long term solution. An injection known as Depo Provera will stop your periods for a period of one to two years. The injection is received on a regular basis as instructed by your doctor. Surgical options to stop periods permanently are also available. They include, hysterectomy, womb removal, and removal of the womb lining. These operations are very risky because it can make pregnancy complicated or completely impossible.