How to make your period come faster

All women know that periods can come in the most inconvenient moments – like when you are planning a vacation, have an important meeting and many others. This is why many women would like to find a way to make their period come faster. Although this is a natural process and it is hard to control, there are certain ways to achieve it safely, you just have to plan carefully. Some of them are more efficient than others as you can see in your list of suggestions.

 Use Medicine

There are medical ways that can be used to make your period come faster, like taking a birth control or hormone injections and those are probably the most efficient ones. However, if you are willing to try them, make sure you talk with a doctor you trust in order to be sure it is all safe for you.

Birth control pills give you two options: to either speed up your cycle or skip it. The first one can be achieved if you switch to your placebo pills and if you want to avoid having your period, just skip those and continue taking the hormonal pills.

The other option is to use hormone injections to induce your menstrual cycle. Do not try this yourself though and make sure to speak to your doctor, so he can administer them to you.


Exercising is another option to induce your menstrual cycle, because endorphins are released during a high-intensity workout. They relieve stress and lower your estrogen levels and both of these work in your favor, if you are willing to make your period come earlier.

You need to be careful though, since too much exercise may have the opposite effect. Working out too heavily can make your body stressed, which would cause your cycle to run late, so don’t put too much effort.

Have sex

This is probably the most pleasant option of them all and it can certainly help you. It is commonly know that during sexual intercourse the blood flow in the vagina is increased and this stimulates it to contract. Afterwards it goes in relaxation mode and triggers the shedding of the uterine lining. This induces your menstrual cycle, but be sure to go the toilet after sex and don’t fall asleep immediately, since this can turn messy, if you cycle comes.

Use Hot Compress

This is another good way to induce your period. Apply hot compress over your lower abdomen and this will heat your body. Use a heating pad or hot water or even try sitting in a hot bath tub for about half an hour per day. The heating of your organism will make your period come faster.

Drink Ginger Tea

It might surprise you, but drinking ginger tea is another way to speed up your menstrual cycle. Try drinking at least 2 cups daily and this will help you, but be careful since ginger tea may cause restlessness and hot flashes in some women.

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