Diet in the digital age

One-fifth and one-third of women are obese. Despite the slight obesity carries no health risk, there is a consensus among the people that the most important body aesthetics, and almost every aspect of life. For example if we look at everyday life revealed that obese people have a tendency to be reduced to jobs, finding a friend or a life partner and more. This can be seen even in kindergarten and at school, probably the real culprits are the educators us (teachers, parents, etc.).Fast diet encourages childhood obesity in adolescence tracking thousands of girls and boys ages 9-14 for three years is obesity was higher among children who dieted. 25% of girls and 13% of boys did not frequent diet and 4.5% of girls and 2.2% of boys made ​​frequent diet. Frequency of diet increased with age.
pediatrics 2003, 112 (4), 900-906

Determining the percentage of fat in the human body

Determining overweight or disclosure is determined by the statistical tables of height and weight, or more accurate calculations can check the percentage of fat by a digital caliper. In fact, “I examine patients the digital caliper fat mass by the breech sensor (sensor) fat fold thickness test. You can say that this test is the most accurate test after underwater (most accurate).

Obesity firsthand

Obesity is due for the most excessive feeding. In addition, genetic factors are involved, environmental and social. But it should be noted that the regulation of appetite and satiety, depends mainly on the interaction between satiety centers located in the hypothalamus (located in the brain) and the degree of hunger.

Obesity secondary source

Obesity is the result from protecting minor illnesses, such as:

1 hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism / shield), the problem leads to obesity due to decreased metabolism (metabolism).

2 Cushing’s syndrome, which causes obesity in the center of the body (such as waist belly and chest, face and back of neck), and normal limbs (not obesity).

3 hyperinsulinemia (high insulin levels in the blood), leads to obesity because the hormone insulin is anabolic hormone (builds, bodybuilding) and increasing the creation of fat cells.

4 and other rare syndromes, have a genetic background.

New mechanisms of obesity:
Search for the cause of obesity and heredity connection becomes an important step in the last 3 years. Discovered protein secreted by fat tissue. Protein that has an effect on the body weight depends on the creation and garden information.

Preliminary studies have shown that the cell nucleus genetic information (ob gene). This information leads to the manufacture of a protein called leptin. Mice are lacking leptin causes obesity. Treatment of these animals by leptin causes weight loss. Human beings are material, but the behavior is quite different mechanisms.
Obese people have higher levels of leptin and thus concluded that people have resistance to leptin.

Morbidity resulting from obesity

Obesity causes various diseases and deaths due to complications in the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular system), and sudden death.

Obesity leads to the development of a sugar intolerance, to the development of diabetes, Hifrlapidmih (high fat levels in the blood) and high blood pressure.

Obesity causes extreme mechanical burden on the skeletal system and joints. To develop joint and tendon disease (inflammation and erosions mainly).

It should be noted that while the diseases mentioned may be eased with weight loss and fitness health and nutrition support therapy.