The 10 most common diet misconceptions


  • Irrational ¬†ambition to loose weight very rapidly. And when that does not happen planned murderous pace, causing breakage disappointment, and even weight gain. Those who enter the process diet must understand that it is impossible to predict how the body will react to the diet. There are many parameters that determine the rate of weight loss, amount pack on the pounds and how long it will take. For example, age determines, as we have more diets in the past so the body slow down weight loss. Every diet created sometime during the stop weight loss diet. Never Give Up, Body feel a decrease calories consumed, checking if everything was all right and so stop the decline. Then the weight loss renewable.
  • Diet is a negative thing, it’s hard, feeling shortage and deprivation. Wrong! Some people think diet should avoid eating delicious food and the food you love. This mistake! If you can give up a certain dish, despite not diet ate it occasionally. To deprive him completely. You should consult your dietitian how to integrate it in the diet. Of course, diet is done correctly and in a healthy and there is no reason to hunger, deprivation and poverty.
  • Unrealistic¬†expectation, for example wanting to look like a male model or a model after a diet. Too bad, but it probably will not happen. Those who lost weight, looks great. Healthy, young and fresh. But to become a model? Not sure.
  • Many people think that – I just finished the diet and can go back to eating as before. A big mistake. This is a sure recipe for an increase in the weight back and more with the addition … Diet is a lifestyle for life. Ambition must be to adopt a new way of life diet and permanent. Must work on the thought that this time – it all and act accordingly.
  • Many think – who trains regularly – can eat everything. Wrong! Sports diet negative calorie balance are the conditions required for success in weight loss and health.
  • Many think – I do not have time and desire for physical activity and sport so instead I’ll cut some more calories. A serious mistake. To succeed in losing weight and changing your lifestyle is also a duty to do sports and diet.
  • When you’re on a diet the food you eat should not be tasty. The opposite – to succeed on a diet must eat delicious food that you love and yet healthy, lean and nutritious. There are endless recipes lean and suitable food.
  • Diet leads to social isolation – you can not go out with friends, you can spend as much as everyone else. Not true. It is possible and it is possible. Today there is every restaurant, cafe and pub food diet healthy and thin. Even events that you can choose tasty food and true.
  • I can do the diet alone without professional help. A big mistake. Many think that if they know any diet and counting calories alone is enough. So it is really not. Automotive and food type important time – when to eat what and amounts of food at every meal diet is essential to the success. All this only registered dietitian can accommodate you.
  • You need to weight every day. Nothing frustrates it. Weight changes are being felt every day. Daily weighing can lead to disappointment and break the diet. The diet should be weighed once a week during the day, at the same time and use the same weight.