Addiction to potent narcotic painkillers – an emerging health threat

Addiction to potent narcotic painkillers or narcotic abuse is one of the major medical problems prevalent in the society. A lot of medicines are available that are used for relieving pain but people get addicted to them as they contain intoxicating chemicals. These chemicals are capable of producing excitations in individuals when taken in high doses. Opioids or narcotics are made from a plant named opium, which include Morphine and codeine. Other narcotic drugs are also prepared from the natural products using certain synthetic modifications which include Heroin, Hydrocodone, Methadine, Oxycodone, etc. These drugs bring about a behavioral change in the mood of the people and they get addicted to them.

Drug addiction can also be defined as a deliberate use of medicines for getting intoxicating euphoria beyond the prescription of a doctor. People generally tend to get addicted by trying to get rid of their anxiety. The abuse increases as the body starts producing tolerance against the drugs and higher doses are required for relieving anxiety. This results in an increase in the drug dependence thereby producing psychological effects. Some of the worst effects include cravings for drugs, continuous use despite negative effects and compulsive behavior. Even if people try to get rid of the addiction, the withdrawal symptoms of the drug abuse force them to consume more drugs (like hydocodone or oxycodone)

– A person under drug abuse shows signs of analgesia and Euphoria.
– The symptoms such as sedation, respiratory depression, nausea and vomiting are common in drug addicted patients.
– They develop slurred speech and constipation due to the overuse of painkillers.
– Other symptoms of buying tramadol online, sweating, irritation, nasal stuffiness, etc.

– People suffer from mood swings due to overuse of painkillers
– They experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms which lead to irritation and anxiety.
– Often the functional systems of the body, such as digestion and excretion face problems and people do not feel well most of the times.
– Problems of domestic violence are increased in the society due to drug addiction and people move into a state of depression after losing everything they had.

– Generally, medicines such as Methadone and Buprenorphine are given to the addicted persons for the removal of withdrawal symptoms.
– They are treated under the specific process of detoxification using counter-drugs such as Naltrexone and Naloxone.
– Medicines such as Clonidine are used for blocking the sympathetic overdrives that bring anxiety in the addicted persons.
– Nowadays, opiate detoxification method is used over traditional detoxification as it is safe, produces the reduced experience of withdrawal symptoms and helps the affected individuals regain their healthy and productive lives.

The increasing percentage of addictions to painkillers has become a major concern in today’s world. Other than proper treatment through anti-drug medications, proper love and care is very much essential for removing the stigma of addictions. Major laboratories of the world are working hard to produce painkillers free from intoxicating chemicals, that do not produce euphoria in the consumers and only produces pain relieving effects. Doctors are trying to become more vigilant about their prescriptions so that their patients do not become addicted to any kind of drug or painkillers.